Scratch ISS Tracker Extension



This Scratch extension lets you track the progress of the International Space Station in it's orbit around the planet Earth.

The International Space Station data comes from created by Bill Shupp.

Longitude/Latitude data comes from OpenStreetMap.

Get more information about the Internation Space Station at NASA

Example project plotting the ISS as it orbits Earth

Getting Started

All you need to use the ISS Tracker extension is an active internet connection.

Load the ISS Tracker extension on ScratchX

Scratch Blocks

This is a brief description of each of the Scratch blocks included with the ISS Tracker extension.

Runs when the ISS comes within 500km of a specified location.

Gives the distance between the ISS and a specified location. Distance can be returned in kilometers or miles. The haversine formula is used to calculate the distance between two points.

Provides the current longitude, latitude, altitude, or velocity of the ISS.

The east-west position of the ISS in degrees.
The north-south position of the ISS in degrees.
The distance between the ISS and Earth in kilometers.
The speed of the ISS as it orbits Earth in kilometers per hour

Example Projects

ISS Tracker
Plot the path of the ISS as it orbits around Earth. Record the last time the ISS passes over Boston, MA.